Coppelia 2013


Dear Friends,
We are very happy to invite you to the End of Year Performance of students of Art School Ellen. The show will take place at the Redmond High School Performing Arts Center on June 8 and 9, 2013.
This year we have a big production in three parts: The Concert, Cats Ballet and Coppelia Ballet.


The Coppelia Ballet – Saturday, June 8th, 4pm and Sunday, June 9th, 2pm. 

This grand production is a work of the students of middle and upper levels of Art School Ellen’s ballet department. Special thanks to the parents for their support on the weekends and holidays. For the past four months we have created a two-act ballet from scratch. The children virtually lived in ballet classes throughout this period.

The Coppelia ballet has recently celebrated its 143 year anniversary. Beautiful music by Leo Delibes never goes out of fashion and cannot get stale. The music makes you dance, it is eloquent and stirs the imagination.

Our version of Coppélia suggests that our desires are sometimes meaningless. In pursuit of a dream, one can forget about what is most important – the people close to you. But the light of your loved one’s eyes always beckons stronger than anything else. Beautiful acting and brilliant ballet technique are demonstrated by both Swanhildas performed by Andrea Freed and Niki Venogopal. Franz is performed by Poul Stoval, a young man from a family with artistic tradition who recently got into ballet by chance. His hard work and incredible musicality helped to create an outstanding image.



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